Civil law

The firm provides services in the broadly defined category of civil law, including but not limited to: 

  • family and child custody law (consultancy and conduct of divorce cases in court, separation, property division agreement after the termination of joint marital property ownership, consultancy and conduct of court cases on legal relations between parents and children (i.e. defining the terms of contact with children, the establishment of the child's place of residence, the conduct of proceedings associated with the child's origin, execution of parental responsibility and child maintenance),   
  • contract law (negotiation, drafting or providing an opinion on contracts, consultancy in concluding, terminating, giving notice of termination or withdrawal from contracts and the conduct of court disputes in such areas),
  • property law (consultancy and conduct of court cases associated with real estate trade, the acquisition of property rights, the protection of property rights, the dissolution of co-ownership, the establishment and dissolution of limited property rights, including mortgage, collateral, right to use, easement, prescription, non-contractual usage of property),
  • inheritance law (consultancy and conduct of court cases for the confirmation of inheritance acquisition, the compulsory portion of inheritance, inheritance division; legal consultancy in acceptance of liability limited to the level of net assets, rejection of inheritance, determination of inherited debt, negotiations with inheritance creditors),
  • housing law (legal consultancy and conduct of court cases associated with the trading of residential property or commercial premises, protection of legal rights to the premises, including cases of eviction).